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RE: Albertan dinosaurs

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> Jordan Mallon
> With luck, I recently scored the chance to give a 40-minute
> seminar on "The
> Dinosaurs of the Badlands of Alberta" in my Historical Geology
> class.  I was
> thinking I'd like to discuss the ascending geological and faunal
> history of
> the Albertan badlands, and was wondering if anyone might know of any good
> references I should check out pertaining to the subject.  I know
> of at least
> one great overview, by C. M. Sternberg (I believe).  Anyone have
> any others?
> Thanks,


Two very recent reviews give an excellent overview of this, one easier to
get than the other:

Ryan, M. J. and A.P. Russell. 2001. Dinosaurs of Alberta (exclusive of
Aves). pp. 279-297 in D.H. Tanke & K. Carpenter (eds.), Mesozoic Vertebrate
Life. Indiana Univ. Press.

Eberth, D.A., P.J. Currie, D.B. Brinkman, M.J. Ryan, D.R. Braman, J.D.
Gardner, V.D. Lam, D.N. Spivak, and A.G. Neuman. 2001. Alberta's dinosaurs
and other fossil vertebrates: Judith River and Edmonton Groups
(Campanian-Maastrichtian). Museum of the Rockies Occasional Paper 3: 47-75.
(this was the guidebook for last year's SVP field trips).

The latter volume is more extensive in scope, but a bit harder to get.

Be aware that correlation, stratigraphy, and paleontology have all advanced
since the day's of Sternberg, so his review, while informative, does not
reflect the latest thinking.

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