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web site updated (finally)

Dear all,
sorry for cross posting,
after a long while in wich our website was updated only for what concerns teaching stuff for our students (section in Italian language), I am happy to announce we have added Tanystropheus to our fossil gallery, (English section) with descriptions photos etc. The URL is
The site is intended as divulgative thus, whilst trying to be informative, it is not loaded with references etc. ; ask me if you need.
As usual comments and corrections are more than appreciated.
Thanks to the friends overseas for fruitful discussions and to my former student Emanuele Gozzi for spending his time with the software-related part of the stuff (I feel a bit guilty of distracting him from his new studies on biomechanics of fossil fishes ;-) ).
All the best,

                                        Silvio Renesto

The voice from the lake then asked
"which is the strangest thing of all?"
Judisthira replied
"Every day men see other men die, they see the chariots with the corpses and the fires, yet they keep living as they were immortals, this is the strangest thing of all"

                                                        (from  Mahabharatha)

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