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New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!

Anonymous (2002) China Becomes a Mecca for Dinosaur Research, People's Daily, September 23, 2002

"Five dinosaur species unearthed in China [...] basically illustrate the complete evolutionary course of dinosaurs, according to Dong."

Anonymous (2002) China Writes Major Chapter on World's Dinosaur Research, People's Daily, September 16, 2002

This article is pretty much the same as the above, just shorter and has an extra quote by Dong Zhiming.

Joling, Dan (2002) Unlocking Alaska's dinosaur secrets, Juneau Empire, September 22, 2002

Seems to be written as though the author thinks that dinosaurs were cold-blooded. Grr... There's a cool image of a hadrosaur foot, any one know where that came from?

Perez, Jennifer (2002) Malta's dino diggers holding all the cards, Great Falls Tribune, September 22, 2002

Montana stegosaurs? Also for you predentate (or ornithischian, if you wish) fans out there, "Elvis the Pelvis. Found north of Malta in 1994, Elvis was named for his perfectly preserved pelvis." I don't get it personally... :?

And here's an older article on "Shenzhouraptor sinensis". You might wish to note some interesting errors in it... :S

Anonymous (2002) Fossil of Flying 'Dinosaur' Found in Northeast China, People's Daily, July 23, 2002

Says that "Shenzhouraptor" does not have a retroverted hallux. The tail is said to be more than 20 caudals long. The sternum is described as "U-shaped". The teeth are apparently absent. The feathers are described as being longer than the length of both the ulna and the manus. The article ends in this peculiar quote, though, "So far, the popular theory is still that birds came from the archaeopteryx."

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