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Re: New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!

The Great Falls Tribune has a great scanner... :-)

> Says that "Shenzhouraptor" does not have a retroverted hallux.

I saw the same when I tried to enlarge the photo. :-) Might even be real.
Still not sure how they knew it was reversed in *Jeholornis* when that one's
feet are totally disarticulated...

> The tail is said to be more than 20 caudals long.

22 in *Jeholornis*...

> The sternum is described as "U-shaped".

The furcula...

> The teeth are apparently absent.

Or nearly so, as in *Jeholornis*?

> The feathers are described as
> being longer than the length of both the ulna and the manus.

True for the flight feathers.

> The article
> ends in this peculiar quote, though, "So far, the popular theory is still
> that birds came from the archaeopteryx."

The unpopular hypothesis, of course, is that birds came neither from Archie
nor from *Shenzhouraptor*...