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RE: New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!

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Subject: New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!

Anonymous (2002) China Becomes a Mecca for Dinosaur Research, People's
Daily, September 23, 2002

Anyone ever hear of Dilcher? He's suppose to have been doing paleontology
for a long time. I encourage everyone to send his or her comments (like I
did) from the web site's comment page.

>>Joling, Dan (2002)  Unlocking Alaska's dinosaur secrets, Juneau Empire,
September 22, 2002

Seems to be written as though the author thinks that dinosaurs were
cold-blooded. Grr...<<

In the one photo who ever is holding the drawing of the foot has gloves on
so it's cold to them :)

>>  There's a cool image of a hadrosaur foot, any one know
where that came from?<<

Nice article, 7 more pachyrhinosaurus skulls! WOW, that site will rival
Grand Prairie (wish Currie would get that paper done and out).

>>Perez, Jennifer (2002)  Malta's dino diggers holding all the cards, Great
Falls Tribune, September 22, 2002

Montana stegosaurs? Also for you predentate (or ornithischian, if you wish)
fans out there, "Elvis the Pelvis. Found north of Malta in 1994, Elvis was
named for his perfectly preserved pelvis." I don't get it personally... :?<<

You mean you don't get swivel hips Elvis? Get it now? :) I saw some of the
Malta Museum stuff this summer, very nice stuff and Nate's a really great
guy. I'm going to make Malta a stop for me when I go to Montana.
aim CloudRaptor05

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