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Re: New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!

Quoting Nick Gardner <n_gardner637@hotmail.com>:

> Perez, Jennifer (2002)  Malta's dino diggers holding all the cards, Great 
> Falls Tribune, September 22, 2002
> http://www.greatfallstribune.com/news/stories/20020922/localnews/135143.html

The headline refers to the town of Malta, Montana, not the Mediterranean island 
country of the same name, in case that wasn't clear.  The article includes the 
following intriguing quote:

"Dinosaur fossils are now found around the world at a rate of 22 new species a 
month, Murphy said."

Twenty-two a month?  Wow!  I must really be out of the loop!

--Nick P.