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D.L. Dilcher is a paleobotanist (was RE: New articles on dinosaurs with wierd statements to boot!)

> Anonymous (2002) China Becomes a Mecca for Dinosaur Research, People's
> Daily, September 23, 2002
> http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200209/23/eng20020923_103690.shtml<<
> Anyone ever hear of Dilcher? He's suppose to have been doing paleontology
> for a long time. I encourage everyone to send his or her comments (like I
> did) from the web site's comment page.
Paleobotanist from down at the University of Flordia/Florida Museum of
Natural History.  Has published on stuff from the Paleozoic to the
Quaternary.  In the context of this article, I know that he was part of the
team that described the basal angiosperm Archaeofructus from the Yixian Fm.

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