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>> No, dinosauriorum is correct afaik. Dinosauria is treated as a plural, so we >> use the plural genitive ending. > >Apparently it is correct, but that depends on whether the singular is >dinosaurium or dinosaure. :-) > >> I had essentially two choices: Dinosaurium >> Catalogus or Catalogus Dinosauriorum, which translate as Dinosaur Catalogue >> and Catalogue of the Dinosaurs, respectively.

The latin nominativ singular is dinosaurus, gender masculine,
root dino-saur-.
The genitive plural would AFAIK be dinosaurorum.
This would give Catalogus Dinosaurorum "Catalogue of the dinosaurs".

The alternative is to use the group name Dinosauria, which would either be
1) a plural of a neuter "Dinosaurium" (to me this sounds like a name for a room
with dinosaurs, like librarium "book room", laboratorium "work room", etc,
so I don't think so -but it would be a swell name for a dino museum...),
2) a feminine singular (it is after all a name for a defined group) which gives
the genitive Dinosauriae.
Thus: Catalogus Dinosauriae "Catalogue of the Dinosauria"

The word order depends on which word we want to put the emphasis on.
If we want to stress the dinosaur aspect: "Dinosaurorum catalogus".
(Personally I prefer this alternative.)

-Well, just my suggestions. :-)

Cheers Torfinn