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Babbling (was Re: nitpicking...)

> The latin nominativ singular is dinosaurus, gender masculine,
> root dino-saur-.
> The genitive plural would AFAIK be dinosaurorum.

Right. -- But Owen invented Dinosauria, not Dinosauri. Probably in analogy
to animalia reptilia (creeping animals), animalia mammalia and other names
by Linné, even though Ichthyosauri and Plesiosauri were used in the 1830s.

> The alternative is to use the group name Dinosauria,
> [...]
> 2) a feminine singular (it is after all a name for a defined group) which
> gives the genitive Dinosauriae.
> Thus: Catalogus Dinosauriae "Catalogue of the Dinosauria"

A singular? Like a genus? A very unconventional but good idea seen from
Phylocode. :-)