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Measurements of two ilia and some other questions about Sinraptorids

Hi all!

Currently I am in the progress of reconstructing the little more obscure
Sinraptorids on scale, such as the recently finished Szechuanosaurus campi
(based on the more complete referred specimen). Lourinhasaurus is nearly so
and turns out to be a much smaller animal, but I have some questions dealing
with these and the  other genera in the works:

1) What are the measurement of the ilia in Methriacanthosaurus and
Siamotyrannus (considering the latter _is_ a Sinraptorid that is)? Femur
length has proven to be an incorrect way of measuring the lengths of the
genera, for example, the femur in Szechuanosaurus (58) and Lourinhasaurus
(56) are about of equal length, differing just an inche, but on overall
proportions, Lourinhasaurus is about 15% smaller.

2) Somewhile ago I read about a replacement name for the referred skeleton
to Szechuanosaurus with the replacement name "Szechuanoraptor'', has this
either been described or verified?

3) What is the currently recognized list of Sinraptorids and possible
Sinraptorids (including incertae sedis, nomum nuda and nomun dubia if

4) In the Lourinhasaurus-paper a small table is presented for the individual
vertebrae (dorsal, as well as caudal) which produce lower estimates in
lenght that I get for the pictured verts (7 cm for caudal three, against
mine 16) , does this mean an error in the table or an error in the presented
scale (which is 5 cm)?

This is all for the moment, thanks in advance for any help!


Rutger Jansma