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Re: nitpicking...

Quoting Torfinn Ørmen <torfinn.ormen@nhm.uio.no>:

> The alternative is to use the group name Dinosauria, which would either be
> 1) a plural of a neuter "Dinosaurium" (to me this sounds like a name for a 
> room
> with dinosaurs, like librarium "book room", laboratorium "work room", etc,
> so I don't think so -but it would be a swell name for a dino museum...),

Most names for large clades of animals are neuter plural, because they are 
construed as adjectives modifying the neuter plural noun _animalia_.  
Similarly, names for plant groups are feminine plural, modifying the feminine 
plural noun _plantae_.  _Dinosauria_ is the Latinized Greek stem dinosaur- plus 
the adjective formant -i- plus the neuter plural ending -a.

> Cheers
> Torfinn

Ha det,