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Re: Measurements of two ilia and some other questions about Sinraptorids

Rutger wrote:
Currently I am in the progress of reconstructing the little more obscure Sinraptorids on scale, such as the recently finished Szechuanosaurus campi (based on the more complete referred specimen).

It's important to note that the referred specimen may not be the same as the holotype, which is based on teeth, IIRC.

Somewhile ago I read about a replacement name for the referred skeleton to Szechuanosaurus with the replacement of the name "Szechuanoraptor", has this either been described or verified?

I'm sure others will comment on this but that name is not official published and has only appeared in Chure's 2001 thesis.



3) What is the currently recognized list of Sinraptorids and possible Sinraptorids (including incertae sedis, nomum nuda and nomun dubia if possible)?

Are there really all that many sinraptorids?

I'm curious. Does Metriacanthosauridae (implied PAUL 1988) have priority over Sinraptoridae (CURRIE et ZHAO 1994)? Or are implications not considered to have priority to non-implications?

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