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Re: Measurements of two ilia and some other questions about Sinraptorids

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n_gardner637@hotmail.com writes:

<< Are there really all that many sinraptorids? >>

Recently the genus Sinraptor was sunk as a junior synonym of 
Yangchuanosaurus, with the type species becoming its own species 
Yangchuanosaurus dongi. This was done in the big redescription of 
Yangchuanosaurus hepingensis by the person who originally named Y. 
hepingensis. Maybe this is revenge for having had his species Y. hepingensis 
previously sunk into the genus Sinraptor?

So there are currently 4 species of Yangchuanosaurus: Y. shangyouensis, Y. 
hepingensis, Y. dongi, and Y. magnus, if you believe the latest publication.