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Re: Measurements of two ilia and some other questions about Sinraptorids

--- Fam Jansma <fam.jansma@worldonline.nl> wrote:
> > I'm curious.  Does Metriacanthosauridae (implied PAUL 1988) have priority
> > over Sinraptoridae (CURRIE et ZHAO 1994)?  Or are implications not
> > considered to have priority to non-implications?
> IMHO? Yes. Methriacanthosaurus seems to share practicly identical dorsal
> vertebrae when being compared to those found in Yangchuanosaurus and the
> distal pubis also seems to show similarities to this element in
> Yangchuanosaurus. Not that this is sufficient proof of saying that the
> family-name should be replaced to Methriacanthosaurus, but still, it should
> be an intruiging possibility.

The priority of the name depends on which system you use.

By ICZN rules, Familia Metriacanthosauridae would have precedence over Familia
Sinraptoridae, eben if it is only implied by another "family-level" name in the
earlier publication.

However, if you are using phylogenetic taxonomy, then _Sinraptoridae_ is a
defined clade, and Metriacanthosauridae is not. In fact, I think
_Sinraptoridae_ has been defined twice:
1) Clade(_Sinraptor_ <- _Cryolophosaurus_, _Monolophosaurus_, _Allosaurus_,
_Carcharodontosaurus_) (I think that was in Sereno 1998?? I hope I've
remembered it correctly.)
2) Clade(_Sinraptor_ <- _Allosaurus_) (I want to say that was in either Padian,
Hutchinson, and Holtz or in The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, but I'm not sure.)

Metriacanthosauridae, lacking a phylognetic definition, cannot, strictly
speaking, be compared to Clade _Sinraptoridae_.

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