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Re: A couple works in progress (artwork)

very interesting
Eyes are quite striking

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Noel D. Hill wrote:

> Hey
> This is Noel Hill. Formerly under the email adress, 
> "ndexohill@imageantics.com"
> I just though I'd share a few works in progress with you as well as a 
> small request.
> First of all, here are two peices that I've been working on. Profiles of 
> acrocanthosaurus and suchomimus.  They're both still in grayscale and 
> very rough, mind you.  I've already noticed a number of problems with 
> the acrocanthosaurus.  Any feedback you may have is certainly welcome too.
> http://art-of-ndhill.netfirms.com/images/suchomimus.jpg
> http://art-of-ndhill.netfirms.com/images/acrocanthosaurus.jpg
> I was also wondering if any of you knew where I could find some good 
> skeletal illustrations or models of suchomimus on the internet.  I used 
> a two page spread from an article in the "US News & World Report" for 
> the skull of my illustration, but have yet to find a decent full body 
> reference.
> thanks
> -Noel