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My apologies... (not dinosaur related)

Hi fellow DML'ers,

This is a message send to set things straight about the Dutch virus warning
that was send from this adress, which some of you could read while some of
you could not (for one time, long live the filter =))After receiving a small
note from school in his computerclass, my little brother decided to send a
message to everyone in the adress-book, that's why the message included so
many names. This is also the reason the mail was in Dutch, it was meant to
be send to friends and not to this forum. Being send by my little brother,
the letter was written and send by a name starting with ''S'', this is short
for Sander, which is my little brother.

I hope everything is settled with this small but necessairy message and we
could all just go on about dinosaurs from now...please? =)


Rutger Jansma