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Re: Query: Epidendrosaurus=Scansoriopteryx?

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:

>  I feel the evidence regarding heterodactyly in *Epidendrosaurus* is 
> equivocal as it
> is in most dinosaurs and fossil birds where the element is not fused to
> the second metatarsal. Mickey reported on the abstract of a study on first
> metatarsal position at this years SVP, and a similar presentation at the
> 99 SVP showed animations of the torsion that occured in birds to "twist"
> the digit around.

I agree that many times the reversed hallux is an artifact of  preservation. In 
this case (however) what I saw in the fossil made me doubt. It was  clear and 
articulated, and the 'curled' opposable fourth toe was longer than many I have
seen.  It was also clearly not a dromaeosaur, but that is already acknowledged.
I still have my doubts... have you seen the fossil itself?

Luis Rey

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