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Re: SVP Preview [Humor]

> Mickey Mortimer wrote:
>  > Wilson re-rexamined Titanosaurus and finds only T. araukanicus
>  > (Laplatasaurus) and T. colberti valid.  I generally don't like rampant
>  > nomina-dubiizing, and hope Wilson goes into detail about comparisons
>  > reasoning when this is published.
> <snif, snif>  No one seems to have noticed my abstract on the sauropod
> or the jointly-written paper that Matt Wedel, Kent Sanders, and I are
> presenting on two previously unreported sauropod dinosaurs from the Upper
> Jurassic -- I guess there's just no room in this crazy world for a
> functional morphologist ... =(  Am I not one of the list-members?  Do I
> have feelings too?  Will the sarcasm ever end? -- boo-hoo. ;)

It's ok, Matt. . .none of my abstracts made the cut, either. [warning:
advertisement coming up]. There's my solo abstract on why it's a really bad
idea to refer all scrappy chasmosaurine material from the American Southwest
to Torosaurus (and in true SVP form, I've changed some of my conclusions
since I submitted--my assignments are even more conservative now, after
checking out some previously undescribed Canadian material from the
Horseshoe Canyon). And then my abstract with Darren Tanke (who won't make
the meeting, unfortunately--ack, that means I have to take all of the tough
questions about our research solo!!!!!) on all sorts of really cool
ceratopsid cranial pathologies, and a hard look at the "fact" that all of
those squamosal fenestrae are due to traumatic injury. Finally, Georgia
Knass (one of my partners in crime here at Tech) and I are looking at the
effect of sampling method on vertebrate microfossil site interpretation. In
short, dinosaurs go from one of the most abundant taxonomic categories to
the rarest taxonomic category when you switch from surface crawling to
screen washing (and this is within the same site!).

Sorry guys, none of them are expressly about theropods. Oh, wait. . .I think
there's a little theropod on the student logo for my Torosaurus poster. And
Georgia's putting a picture of a theropod tooth on our poster. So yeah.
Check them out.

See you all at SVP!

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