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RE: Incisivosaurus


I don't have a copy of the original AP story WITH BYLINE - but I do have
a copy of the AP story as published on CNN.Com, MSNBC.Com (and on BBC's
website there is a modified version [unaccredited to AP, or anyone

The BBC title is: "Odd dino has rabbit-like teeth"

The CNN version's title is: "Bucktoothed dinosaur fossils found"

The MSNBC version is:  " 'Dino-rabbit' remains found at Chinese dig"

Other stories on _Incisivosaurus_ are: 

>From Science News Online: 
        "Veggie Bites: Fossil suggests carnivorous dinosaurs 
        begat vegetarian kin" 
                by Sid Perkins.
>From Nature:
        "Dinosaur like chicken-rabbit cross:  Buck-toothed fossil 
        reveals         the dietary diversity of dinosaurs." 
                by Henry Gee.

I can send you the text from the CNN and/or the MSNBC one if you'd like.
(Or some of the others if you wish).  Or just the web address for any of
them.  Let me know.

Hope this helps.  

Allan Edels 

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Does anyone have a copy of the Associated Press, 18
September 2002 story on this taxon with an author
byline? It has not, yet, been posted by the Associated
Press at their website, despite searches using any
number of search words ("dinosaur", "china",
"rabbit-like dinosaurs", etc.). Perhaps, a byline will
facilitate their otherwise snail-paced archivalists.

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