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RE: SVP Preview [Humor]

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Mickey Mortimer wrote:

 > Wilson re-rexamined Titanosaurus and finds only T. araukanicus
 > (Laplatasaurus) and T. colberti valid.  I generally don't like rampant
 > nomina-dubiizing, and hope Wilson goes into detail about comparisons and
 > reasoning when this is published.

<snif, snif>  No one seems to have noticed my abstract on the sauropod pes,
or the jointly-written paper that Matt Wedel, Kent Sanders, and I are
presenting on two previously unreported sauropod dinosaurs from the Upper
Jurassic -- I guess there's just no room in this crazy world for a sauropod
functional morphologist ... =(  Am I not one of the list-members?  Do I not
have feelings too?  Will the sarcasm ever end? -- boo-hoo. ;)


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<sniff, sniff>, your not alone Matt. No one (not even Naish) mentioned my
poster either :( Of course it's not dinosaurian (its on Tanystropheus) so I
guess it's not the topic of the list.

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