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Ribs and scapulocoracoid (was: SVPCA 50, REPORT III)

From: <darren.naish@port.ac.uk>
> Michael Parrish discussed rib angulation and
> scapulocoracoid position in dinosaurs. Ribs should be swept
> backwards, obviously. Looking at sauropod ribs, Parrish
> noted concave areas on the dorsal surfaces of sauropod
> thoracic ribs

Like this?

> that appear to correlate with scap-coracoid
> position. Adjusting the pectoral girdle accordingly, he
> found that the scap-coracoid was located a bit more
> ventrally than normally recontructed, and consequently that
> the sternal plates became somewhat 'flattened out' and lay
> closer to the ventral surface of the thorax than normally
> thought. The implications this has for dinosaurian
> musculature were discussed.

Will there be some available sketches about this new interpretation? Sounds
very interesting for paleoartists :)
Friendly - Aspidel.