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RE: what are the relatives of Scansoriopterygids?

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> Brian Lauret
> Dear all,
> I was just wondering,regarding these "scansioropterygids" (don't know if
> it's official yet) to what other maniraptorans are they thought to be
> related? To enigmosaurs or more to deinonychosaurians? (of
> course,in my view
> these are all secondarily flightless birds,but whatever.)And has
> Omnivoropteryx' oviraptorosaur nature been verified?
Good heavens, folks, the animals were just published!!

No, they have not yet been incorporated in any published analyses.  Some
people may have worked them into their own databases, but these have not
been analysed, sent out for others to review, etc.

Patience, people.

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