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FW: some more local info.


My friend and colleague Cindy Gordon has compiled a list of "crash" places
for those still looking for such places at SVP.

Also, as to eateries and drinking spots, the main area on and near campus is
the place called "Campus Corner" not far from OMNH. It has a number of
eateries and bars (at least 1 go-go bar I know of) and shops. It would be an
ideal after meeting meeting place and a base of operations for meeting to
decide on where to meet next!

Who's going on any of the field trips? Anybody going on the Early K one?



Thomas R. Lipka
Geobiological Research
Baltimore, Md. USA



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> All-
> Sorry for the late post but I just got back into town late last week.
> Hopefully by now most have already taken care of accomodations for the
> upcoming meeting here in Norman. For those who have not, here is some
> local info. that might be helpful if you need to make last minute
> arrangements.
> Below is a link to local hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc. in Norman.
> http://www.ncvb.org/lodging.shtml
> When we called on prices a month or two ago, they ranged anywhere from
> around $40/night on up to $134/night - based on a double room, 2 people.
> Contrary to what some might believe, there are many more hotels here
> besides NCED/Marriott and the 2 or 3 listed in the SVP circular. Most of
> the major chains are here, as listed below. Take your pick.
> Days Inn
> Econolodge
> Fairfield Inn
> Guest Inn
> Hampton Inn
> Holiday Inn
> Travel Lodge
> La Quinta
> Village Inn (formerly Ramada)
> Residence Inn
> Super 8
> All of these hotels are right near each other with the exception of
> Holiday Inn, which is one exit N of most of them, and Residence Inn,
> which is one
> exit south. Nonetheless, the exits are not that far apart, so maybe only
> 2 miles
> separate the two farthest out on either end. Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn
> and LaQuinta
> are all on a strip called Ed Noble Parkway - or "restaurant row" -
> that's where
> all the Chili's, Applebee's, IHOP, Olive Garden, plus many local
> favorites, are.
> Fairfield and Hampton are at one end of the approx. 1/3 to 1/2 mile
> strip, LaQuinta at the other. Directly across the highway are
> Econolodge, Days
> Inn, Guest Inn, Super 8, etc. All pretty much right next to each other.
> Near
> them you have Denny's, etc. The drive to the meeting place is about the
> same
> from all of the hotels. Traffic congestion is usually minimal, even
> during peak hours. Also right near the the hotels are places such as
> Borders, Barnes and
> Noble bookstores, Pier One, the mall, etc.
> For those of you that wish to camp (October weather here is very nice),
> the nearest place is Lake Thunderbird State Park. It's right down the
> road from the conference center on Hwy. 9 - maybe about a 10 minute
> drive. There is plenty of camping available. I believe the cost is
> $16/night for RV and $8/night for a tent. They do have bathrooms and
> showers available (not the most modern, of course).
> Hope all of this helps.
> Cindy
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