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Re: SVP Preview

Jaime Headden wrote-

> The leading
> expert on Allosaurus, Dan Chure, has helped described with Octavio Mateus
> a skeleton of Allosaurus from Portugal with an enclose obturator fenestra.

Unless this is another Portuguese Allosaurus specimen, the one described by
Perez-Moreno et al. (1999) does not have an enclosed obturator foramen.

> A fourth metacarpal is present in *Coelurus* (referred);

The referral of this specimen to Coelurus is actually based on comparison to
the "Tanycolagreus" specimen, not original Coelurus material (though the two
may end up being synonymous).

>   Incidentally, Allain proposed *metriacanthosaurus* may be a megalosaur,
> which would sort of contradict relation to sinraptorids.

Untrue.  He states (in his 2002 SVP abstract) that Metriacanthosaurus is
"more closely related to Allosauroidea" than to Spinosauroidea (containing
megalosaurids).  Note he uses Allosauroidea in place of Carnosauria.

Mickey Mortimer