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Fwd: Epidendrosaurus/Scansoriopteryx Addendum

  As a subsequent report on the nature of publication, and something which
may have implications for journals which publish dinosaur-related taxa
such as _Chinese Science Bulletin_ that may effect synonymy or dates of
publication, Jerry asked me to forward this on.


  Jaime A. Headden

Jerry (jdharris@sas.upenn.edu) writes:

<I received this morning an e-mail from Fucheng Zhang (first author on the
> _Epidendrosaurus_ paper), a portion of which I think merits broader
> distribution.  To wit:
> ****************
> Dear colleagues:
> ...This paper was published online on 21 August 2002. According to the
> editor of
> Naturwissenschaften and other scientific journals, the online version is
> a
> publication - not a pre-release, and Springer Verlag is one of the few
> publishers who have real online citable (by the article's DOI number)
> and
> searchable publications. Other publishers have pre-publications but they
> are
> not citable. For a new species name, electronic versions are not valid
> for
> first report if the journal exists only in an electronic version;
> however,
> if a
> print version follows, then the electronic first claim is valid. On the
> ground
> of these reasons, Epidendrosaurus ningchengensis should be a valid name
> since
> its first online publication day (21 August 2002).
> Mr. Stephen Czerkas had worked on a smuggled fossil from China that
> happens
> to
> be the same species of Epidendrosaurus ningchengensis. Unfortunately,
> after
> seeing our online publication, he wrote a letter to us arguing that he
> had
> published a new name for the same species (1 August) earlier than ours.
> But,
> according to our friends in the US who know the truth, his proceeding
> was
> still
> in print at that time. In fact, from the faxed copies of his paper he
> sent
> to
> us from 26th to 29th August 2002, it is not difficulty to find out that
> there
> was not even a fixed page number on many of copies (see a pdf
> attachment, we
> only selected a few of the pages). How could he have published a paper
> on 1
> August, and then there were still no fixed page number by the end of the
> month?
> The only explanation is that his publication date is not true.
>  As usual, like most of our respectable colleagues, we are strongly
> opposed
> to
> studying smuggled fossils because we believe it is immoral and will only
> hurt
> paleontological science in the long run. We appeal to you for your
> support
> of
> our efforts in stopping illegal fossil trading and the studying of
> smuggled
> fossils.
> **************************
>      I have received word from the DOI that they do not, at present,
> have
> any formal relationship with the ICZN or ICBN, though this is largely
> due to
> a lack of funds to pursue such a venture at present -- my guess here is
> that
> the world of non-life science publishing is bigger than its life science
> counterpart and has thus taken first chair.  At any rate, the director
> of
> the DOI organization sent me a paper he presented to the International
> Council on Scientific and Technical Information concerning the function
> and
> purpose of the DOI; I'm still wading through it (there's a lot of
> technical
> computer jargon in it), but it cites another interesting article that I
> think might be of interest to the list.  It's publicly available on the
> web
> at:  http://www.alpsp.org/define2.pdf and was authored by AAAS members
> and
> several international colleagues.  Although the document is merely a
> series
> of suggestions on which no action has been taken to my knowledge, I
> would
> suspect that sooner, rather than later, the ICZN is going to be
> pressured to
> accept on-line publication (with DOI or some other similar
> registration/authentication) as a valid entity.
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Jaime A. Headden

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