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* Thick Eggshells * Utah to Get Back Stolen Dinosaur * Fossil Rich * DINOSAURNEWS

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The headlines:

**  Hardy Arctic fossils shift time lines for life on land
Scientists are adjusting their theories on when plants adapted to land after
Canadian researchers discovered prehistoric plants in the Arctic.

**  Hadrosaurus foulkii introduced at press conference
While many in Southern Utah were relieved by the recent rainfall,
palaeontologists have worried about it damaging 225 newly found dinosaur
tracks stored in Hildale, which have been appraised at $1.5 million


**  Unearthing Irvington's ancient past
Over the next several years, the group would remove the fossilized bones of
mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers, dire wolves and giant prehistoric camels
from the site

**  Fossil rich
As the dinosaur hunters began to work, they found seven more pachyrhinosaur
skulls in an area of about 13 by 13 feet.

**  Did dinosaurs ever live in Maryland?
One of the most spectacular discoveries was the 90-pound chunk of a dinosaur
thigh found near Laurel in 1991

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**  Thick Eggshells Could Be Cause Of Dinosaur Extinction
A group of Spanish experts believe that the thickening of dinosaur eggshells
might have caused the extinction of the giant creatures

**  Utah to Get Back Stolen Dinosaur
Eight years ago, a 150-million-year-old dinosaur fossil was illegally
excavated from federal land near Castle Dale and sold to a California
businessman for $17,000

**  Buck-Toothed, Rabbitlike Dinosaur's Remains Found
A bucktoothed, rabbit-like dinosaur related to Tyrannosaurus Rex and other
predators lived in China 128 million years ago

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