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> Regarding the claim of Norell et al that ornithomimids were
> filter-feeding
> Nick Longrich pleaded for ornithomimids beeing herbivorous.
> What about the reported skull of a young dromaeosaur found inside
> the nest of
> an oviraptor (National Geographic July 1996)? Doesn't this plus Nick
> Longrich's remarks indicate that ornithomimids were omnivorous?

No, in so far as oviraptorosaurs are not ornithomimosaurs! (It does,
however, argue that at least some *oviraptorosaurs* were not strict
herbivores!!  Of course, given that the type of Oviraptor itself had a
lizard in its body cavity, there was already evidence towards that end...).

Incidentally, the juvenile "dromaeosaurs" are now thought to be from the
troodontid Byronosaurus.

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