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RE: SVP Preview

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>   What is the date for Megalosauridae?

Huxley 1869.

> And I have a strong feeling that he
> has just been referring "megalosaurs" to the group, but that
> *Megalosaurus* will end up a nomen dubium, thus invalidating any
> suprageneric taxa supported by the ICZN.

Allain proposes (in the "Poekilopleuron" valesdunesnsis paper) the following
phylogenetic definitions:
"Phylogenetic definitions. Megalosauridae is defined here as Poekilopleuron?
valesdunensis, Torvosaurus and Afrovenator, and all descendants of their
common ancestor.

The Torvosaurinae are defined here as all Megalosauridae that are more
closely related to Torvosaurus than to either Poekilopleuron or Afrovenator;
this clade includes Torvosaurus and tentatively Edmarka.

The Megalosaurinae are defined here as all Megalosauridae that are more
closely related to Poekilopleuron than to Torvosaurus. This clade includes
Eustreptospondylus, Poekilopleuron and Afrovenator."

Not exactly the topology I find (but close) and not exactly the definitions
I would propose, but there it is...

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