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Re: SVP Preview

Quoting Dinogeorge@aol.com:

> formation of names, you quickly lose track of where things are in the 
> hierarchy. Quick, without looking it up, tell me how these taxa might be 
> nested: Dinosauromorpha, Dinosauriformes, Dinosauria, Eudinosauria, 
> Dinosauroidea. Or Sauropoda, Eusauropoda, Macronaria, Titanosauriformes, 
> Titanosauromorpha, Somphospondyli, Titanosauria, Diplodociformes, 
> Diplodocimorpha. But given, e.g., Tyrannosauria, Tyrannosauroidea, 
> Tyrannosauridae, Tyrannosaurinae, Tyrannosaurini, and Tyrannosaurina, once 
> you know the endings convention, you can immediately see that those names are
> in a nested sequence, rank or no rank.

Yes!  This is precisely a point I tried to make some months ago.  Why is it 
that (at least some) pracititioners of PT on this list don't see this as a good 

--Nick P.