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RE: Bernissart: startin' again

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Luc Bailly (Aspidel) (aspidel@wanadoo.be) wrote, in response to Tracy Ford
(dino.hunter@cox.net) :


<<I don't understand what you mean by tested. What needs to be tested? Or
are you talking about the quarry is going to be quarried again?>>


<First they test - as one tests the rocks when he's searching for oil, I
don't know the exact word, sorry - and if it's worth going on, they'll
quarry again.>

  By testing, they will go to the site to determine the neccessity of new
quarrying. That means sampling, some "test" digs, etc. If it pans out, as
in testing a stream for gold, they will set up shop and begin excavating
again. It would be very nice to apply new techniques to these "diseased"
bones and restore them better than those mounted in Bernisartt today;
perhaps even work on more than crocs and iggies...


Jaime A. Headden>>

Ok, that makes sense, hope it pans out.

I thought they were going to give the site a written test...:)

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