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RE: O. grandis and the USNM?

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Subject: O. grandis and the USNM?

George Olshevesky wrote-
>Hmm. Is this actually Ornithomimus grandis, or something different?

I had heard that this taxon was referred to Albertosaurus, has something
changed?  And this is at the USNM?  Could someone provide a listing of the
non-neornithine theropods at that institute either onlist or offlist?>>

Or how about a web site that lists all the publishes specimens of Paleozoic
and Mesozoic tetrapods? Where it was found, the formation, what was found,
the hypodgium and fully illustrated.

 I'm working on it :) It'll be a subscription site though. Not outrageous,
probably about the price of a good book.

Tracy L. Ford
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