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Nature supplementary data: a request for help

In updating some of my files, I have discovered that
some college libraries have subscriptions, but not
access to supplementary data published in NATURE. Even
the university here has the same problem (some of the
companies offering full-text papers lack the
supplementary data). Since I do not subscribe
personally to NATURE, but read it each week, I am in
need of supplementary data posted for the following
papers. If anyone can help (snail mail is acceptable),
I would be most appreciative.
The papers for which supplementary data is needed:
408:705-708 Microraptor
415:780-784 Sinovenator
416:314-317 Liaoceratops
418:405-409 Jeholornis
419:291-293 Incisivosaurus
Contact me off-list if you have the data, and I'll
provide my snail address.

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