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SVP abstract correction (Leahy AND Paul)

In the SVP abstracts Speed Potential in Tyrannosaurs Great and Small includes 
only G Leahy as author. Actually it is he and me. At first I thought this was 
another classic GSP d-oh thing, but the abstract that was sent in had my name 
on it. I put it down to a vast right wing conspiracy. Or a diabolical left 
wing plot. 

Guy cannot make the meeting so I'll be gallantly defending fast tyrannosaurs 
at the poster. I've got more data showing than in living animals including 
giants relative muscle mass does not increase as size increases, and instead 
remains constant when top speed remains constant, and declines when top speed 
is lower. There is, therefore, no doubt that Tyrannosaurus could have easily 
had leg muscles large enough to run as fast as greyhounds and racehorses. 

G Paul