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Re: Heil Kong

--- GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> As part of my nondino research just waded through
> Kershaw's two part bio on 
> Hitler. Grim reading. Adolf loved the cinema, and
> spent many evenings 
> screening films with his entourage that found the
> diversions to the Furher's 
> endless and repeatitive monologes which bored them
> to tears. One of der 
> facist's favorites? King Kong. 
> One wonders what the extreme bigot thought of the
> film's focus on the blond 
> female captive of the giant ape, and the treatment
> of blacks, which as noted 
> fought the great primate as the white folk largely
> fled to the boats.  
> The moral? Heck if I know. 
> G Paul
RESPONSE: moral(s)? When the film was distributed in
Europe, the Germanazis changed the title (in English
translation: KING KONG & THE WHITE WOMAN), censored
the scenes of the elevated subway train being
eradicated as the government did not want the populace
to hesitate in using the trains (of course, there were
other trains, farther east, far from the Imagi-Nation,
where one's birth certificate became one's death
certificate and a ticket into the Kingdom of Night).
The ramifications of the non-dinosaur animated
sequences are, to be sure...well, you have touched
upon a subject Mr Kershaw knows rather well: racialism
in 1930s cinema. But, I cannot discuss this in this

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