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Re: Fossil (dino) locations

raymond mcallister wrote:
> Almost every day I read about some new fossil locale or a museum where some
> new fossil or dino has been found. I am amazed at the number of such museums
> and sites there are. Has anybody ever tried to put together a list of fossil
> locales (museums, restaurants, bars, gravel pits, tar pits etc., where there
> are dino fossils?  Such a list with brief description of holdings or items
> on exhibit might be damned useful, although a tremendous amount of work. The
> Irvington fossils in a recent DINOSAURNEWS got me thinking about this. For
> example there is an almost complete Columbian mammoth in a local museum?
> What dino skeletons re scattered about the NA continent?

I have begun to do so for Australian locations:



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