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Charles R.Knight Sketchbook Vol. 2

       Just received my copy of Bill Stout's_Charles R. Knight Sketchbook 
Vol. 2. This series is a must-have for all the artists here. The 
draftsmanship is stunning. The man loved line. Standouts include a 
Protoceratops skeletal study, an entelodon head anatomy, a Diatryma study 
(the only one by Knight I've seen so far), a drawing of "Martha", the last 
Passenger Pigeon at the Cincinnati Zoo, and a remarkable study of a 
sabertoothed cat taking down prey in the fashion recently suggested by 
Mauricio Anton. One lonely page featuring a skate and a ray with attached 
remora reminds us of the little-known fact that Knight was one of our 
greatest delineators of marine life (he spent his summers at Wood's Hole). 
Thanks to Bill Stout for providing a marvelous source of inspiration. Go here 
to order: