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From the Czerkas's

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From: S. Czerkas [mailto:czerkas@sanjuan.net]
Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2002 9:27 AM
To: Tracy L. Ford
Subject: Re: Epidendrosaurus/Scansoriopteryx Addendum

Dear Tracy,
please post this on the DML.

Out of professional courtesy,  I notified Fucheng Zhang about our prior
publication date for Scansoriopteryx. He then requested we fax a copy of the
publication to him. Since it is 33 pages long,  I told him I would fax him
the relevant parts, but not everything, because it would take too long to
fax all the photos, and it is expensive to fax to China.

To advoid confusion because some of the pages were not included, I
renumbered the pages by hand so he could tell the order of the pages. I told
him I had renumbered the pages just for him. He asked for more, so I then
sent him the entire text, along with the cover and information page, showing
the August 1 publication date. He was wrong in thinking that the hand
numbering was anything but a courtesy for him to keep the pages he had been
sent in order. According to the ICZN, the August 1 date is valid.

We have great respect for the people of China, and are working closely with
the Govenment of China to promote good relations between our countries by
publishing on Chinese fossils with Chinese coauthors. A joint Chinese and
exhibition will present the fossils to the general public through a major
educational museum exhibition starting in 2004.

Millions of people will benefit from this including scientists of all
countries and the general public. This project deserves the
support and cooperation of everyone. By working together, the science will
Sylvia Czerkas

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074