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On researching Nessov 1995 for the Dinosaur Catalogue, I discovered that in 
his Asiamericana description the "americana" part refers to just a single 
tooth in the Maastrichtian of North America, illustrated by Estes 1964, fig 
69b. He thought it referable to Asiamericana sp., an undefined North American 
species. Sankey et al., 2002 referred this same tooth (whose cat no I don't 
have) to Ricardoestesia isosceles. So maybe Asiamericana represents an 
Asiatic theropod of whatever family Ricardoestesia belongs to. The photo of 
the Asiamericana holotype tooth in Nessov 1995 reminded me of R. isosceles, 
which is why I checked. Betcha Sankey et al don't know this yet.