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New publication with Mesozoic birds

>From Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

The latest SAPE newsletter indicates that Proceedings of 
the 5th Symposium of the Society of Vertebrate 
Paleontology and Evolution held in China has been 
published. No word on how to order a copy, but the list of 
articles includes some papers on Mesozoic birds, including 
at least one new taxon (Polarornis):

Chatterjee, S.: Morphology and Systematics of Polarornis, 
a Cretaceous Loon (Aves: Gavidae) from Antarctica. 

Parris D.C. & Hope, S.: New interpretations of the Birds 
from the Navesink and Hornerstown Formation, New Jersey, 
USA (Aves; Neornithes).

Martin, L.D. & Lim, J.D.: New information on the 
Hesperornithiform radiation.

Lu, J., Dong, Z., Azuma, Y., Barsbold, R & Tomida, Y.: 
Oviraptors compared to birds.

Naples, W., Martin, L.D. & Simmons, J.: The pelvis in 
early birds and dinosaurs.

Elzanowski, A.: Biology of basal birds and the origin of 
avian flight.

Sanz, J.L., Alvarez, C.S., Harnandez-Carrasquilla, F., 
Perez-Moreno, B.P & Meseguer, J.: Wing loading in 
primitive birds.

Gu, Z: Are Confuciusornis and Archaefructus Jurassic 

Liu, T., Liu, J., & Chu, G: Early Cretaceous maars, 
depositional environments and their relationship to the 
fossil preservation in Sihetun, Liaoning, Northeast China.