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RE: SVP Preview

George Olshevsky wrote:

> Another problem I had with the JVP Poekilopleuron paper was that the
> family (ending -idae) Megalosauridae and subfamily (ending -inae)
> Megalosaurinae were not anchored to their type genus. 

Yep, I agree 100%.  This sort of thing - anchoring suprageneric clades in
non-nominative genera - has to be dispensed with if PT is going to work.
Titanosauridae and Ceratopsidae are good examples.  No one, to my knowledge,
has ever demonstrated that _Titanosaurus_ is a member of the Titanosauridae,
or that _Ceratops_ belongs in the Ceratopsidae.  Sereno erected
Saltasauridae for derived titanosaurians, and anchored the clade in
_Saltasaurus_ and _Opisthocoelicaudia_, which was a good idea IMHO.