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Re: Dinosaur websites

> Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 12:57:39 EDT
> From: KellyMilnerH@aol.com
> Silvio shared the dinosaur origami website, and I thought it was
> great. I'm working on a list of "great" dinosaur
> websites. Obviously, I want more than origami on the list, I want
> the serious science too. But if ANY of you have favorites --
> including unusual favorites like this one from Silvio -- I'd love to
> see them.
> Email me privately if you've got any suggestions. I'll post a link
> to the final list when I'm done.

The Dinosaur Mailing List's FAQ at
has a rather good (if I say it myself) web-guide at

Rather than the usual format of a long list of expired links in no
particular order, this web guide presents a carefully vetted set of
twenty-odd excellent sites, classified in five sections (reference,
societies, journals, exhibitions and miscellaneous) and with short
write-ups of each.

Gratuitous plug: You'll notice that HP Mike Keesey's outstanding
Dinosauricon.com is the first site listed.  Quite right too.

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