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October US Broadcasts

Aloha all--I just got my A&E & THC e-mails of October listings, and these 
shows may be of interest.


10/08/2002 & 10/12/2002 (A&E)

9:00 The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt.  A group of American paleontologists set 
out on a real-life "Indiana Jones" adventure and unearth what is now 
recognized as a new species of dinosaur--"Paralititan Stromeri". A&E cameras 
are there to document every step of the 7-week expedition through sandstorms 
and the blazing hot sun of the Sahara Desert. CC  [TV G] 

10/17/2002 (the History Channel)
11:00 Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters.  O.C. Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope 
were the America's first dinosaur hunters. In a frenzied race to find 
dinosaur bones in the American Badlands, an intensely bitter and costly 
rivalry developed between the scientists. We'll see how their animosity 
spurred great accomplishments in the fledgling field of paleontology. CC  [TV 

10/21/2002 (the History Channel)

9:00 Dinosaur Secrets Revealed.  Dinosaurs roamed and ruled earth for more 
than 140-million years, then suddenly vanished leaving only fossils to 
fascinate and befuddle us. In a 2-hour unique approach to historical analysis 
of these creatures, we don't focus on the latest technology or the most 
controversial theory. Instead, we look chronologically at what we've gotten 
wrong about dinosaurs throughout the short history of scientific study of 
these magnificent, misunderstood creatures, and see where paleontologists are 
digging today. CC  [TV G]