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Definitions (was RE: SVP Preview)

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> Another problem I had with the JVP Poekilopleuron paper was that
> the family
> (ending -idae) Megalosauridae and subfamily (ending -inae) Megalosaurinae
> were not anchored to their type genus. For example, the
> Megalosauridae are
> defined as "Poekilopleuron valesdunensis, Torvosaurus, and
> Afrovenator, and
> all descendants of their common ancestor." Where is Megalosaurus?? This
> definition could, given the flaccidity of current theropod
> cladistics, easily
> exclude Megalosaurus from its own family! I could never support
> this kind of
> shenanigan in phylogenetic taxonomy.

And indeed both the PhyloCode and the earlier recommendations of Padian et
al. (1999) advocate the use of the nominative taxon as one of the anchors.

> (Where were the reviewers??)

The author and editors chose to ignore the comments of at least one reviewer
on this!!

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