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Re: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

Cliff Green wrote-

>      I do not know if Steven Czerkas et al are correct in thier thesis
> flying dromeosaurs and everything else they had to say. But then again,
>  unless someone is hording a time machine ) neither does anyone else on
> list. we all have our opinions, professional and otherwise.
>     To use blatant sarcasm and to insinuate that someone is soft in the
> because of thier theories, whether they are up to your superior standards
> excellance or not, is at best, unprofessional. Am I free to insult you
> personally if I disagree with what you are saying? It is very difficult
> me to give credibility to someone who verbably assaults anyone who doesn't
> see thier every utterence as holy writ.

I was not insulting Czerkas et al.'s theories because I disagree with them.
Everybody is free to believe what they want.  The problem I have with their
theories is that they are based on unscientific premises, while being
featured in a scientific journal.  From what I've seen, I'm not the only one
to share these opinions.  Also note that while I don't respect Czerkas'
theories or methods, I have nothing against him personally, as I have not
met him.  My issues with Czerkas are purely professional.

Mickey Mortimer