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RE: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

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Subject: Re: Czerkas' book- Analysis and Criticisms

Cliff Green wrote-

>      I do not know if Steven Czerkas et al are correct in thier thesis
> flying dromeosaurs and everything else they had to say. But then again,
>  unless someone is hording a time machine ) neither does anyone else on
> list. we all have our opinions, professional and otherwise.
>     To use blatant sarcasm and to insinuate that someone is soft in the
> because of thier theories, whether they are up to your superior standards
> excellance or not, is at best, unprofessional. Am I free to insult you
> personally if I disagree with what you are saying? It is very difficult
> me to give credibility to someone who verbably assaults anyone who doesn't
> see thier every utterence as holy writ.

I was not insulting Czerkas et al.'s theories because I disagree with them.
Everybody is free to believe what they want.  The problem I have with their
theories is that they are based on unscientific premises, while being
featured in a scientific journal.  From what I've seen, I'm not the only one
to share these opinions.  Also note that while I don't respect Czerkas'
theories or methods, I have nothing against him personally, as I have not
met him.  My issues with Czerkas are purely professional.

Mickey Mortimer<<

Hey, wait a minute. Why is it when I said some of the type of things toward
a certain person/s on the list I get my ass chewed out by the administration
and you get off scott free?

You attacked their scientific methodology, which IS an attack against the
authors themselves whether or not if you believe it, and get away with those
comments. I hope you send your post to Stephen Czerkas so he can respond to
it (I'll let YOU do it this time :) ). czerkas@sanjuan.net

I read your response and thought of a book, 'how to make friends and
influence people'...(Years ago I actually saw a co-worker reading that

Once you get YOUR work published you'll have a better foot to stand on with
your comments (You never know who just might be reading your SAVED posts).

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