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RE: mass extinctions and technology

That anyone can imagine that the presence of civilization will not be readily 
detectable 65 Myr from now boggles one mind. But this concerns the pyramids, 
specifically the question of what will be left of them in 10,000 years. The 
answer is what is there now. The damage we see to the great pyramids today is 
not due to erosion. Hundreds of years ago the Muslim mayor of Cairo was fed 
up with those pagan monuments outside the city and figured they would make a 
fine quarry for stones for more mosques and city walls. He had pretty much 
finished stripping off the smooth outer clading when he was persuaded by a 
lot of appalled people to stop. The cladding remains near the top of one of 
the two largest structures, and remains in pretty good shape. It does not 
rain enough in the region to cause significant erosion to the solid stone 
structures, they will last for hundreds of thousands of years if not longer. 

G Paul