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Re: A Whole Bunch Of Questions

Jaime Headden wrote-

> <3) Among the 3 Late Cretaceous European sauropods, Ampelosaurus,
> Hypselosaurus & Magyarosaurus, which are known to have possessed armour?>
>   *Magyarosaurus* has been attributed some armor in the past, especially
> as part of Nopsca's serious of papers on Transylvanian dinosaurs, but
> these are generally now thought to belong solely to *Struthiosaurus*.
> *Magyarosaurus* is a particularly dwarfed diplodocoid, and no diplodocoid
> has been "known" to have body armor; though it's not _impossible_, its
> unlikely *Magyarosaurus* was armored.

Titanosaur armor is known from the Sinpetru Formation and attributed to
Magyarosaurus (Csiki, 1999).
Also, Magyarosaurus has always been regarded as a titanosaur to my
knowledge, a referral that is supported by Wilson's (2002) phylogenetic

Csiki, 1999. New evidence of armoured titanosaurids in the Late Cretaceous -
Magyarosaurus dacus from the Hateg Basin (Romania). Oryctos 2 93-99.

Mickey Mortimer