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Re: good news for BPM 0002 fans and more babies

Chris wrote:
> Well I can actually see something in the left chip, which looks like what
> one might expect a hatchling pterosaur to look like.
There are some vague traces of what appear to be a partially articulated
vertebrae colum, some very small, almost grains, but still elongated at the
left, and two or three larger structures more to the right of the left chip.
And in the right chip, there are indeed some traces of a pterosaur skull or
at least, something that has preserved a partial tooth row (upper and
lower), a lacrymal and two or three plates of the sclerotic ring. And no,
this is not 'cos of April Fools :)
>>A scleral ring appears just to the left of the joint.
Yeah, but it appears to be in negative, since the open area of the scleral
ring is the bulbous part, while the ring is an impression of it. Again, some
plates can be observed...
But this baby, does it might have to do with the gasses coming out and with
it, the babies inside the mother pterosaur, like observed in ichtyosaurs?
>>A third one is between the legs of its
>>mother having just been delivered. The wings form soft curves filling
>>the area bordered by the legs, posteriorly both wings point toward
>>mama's vent
> Are you sure that the "soft curves", especially the top curve, are not
> impressions of soft tissue of the large individual, uropatgia perhaps?
I couldn't find the wings either, maybe some extra tips David?