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DML facing budget cuts

We just got the word that due to reductions in grants and state tax money for 
USC, the Dinosaur Mailing List will be forced to cut back on service.  
Starting next week, we will only send out mail three days a week.  We may 
also have to charge a fee to subscribe, probably $31.95 per month prepaid. 

Other cuts:

The DML Breakfast is toast. 

The armchair paleontologist scholarship that Ken Carpenter was funding has 
been frozen and the chair taken away.

Mickey Rowe and I are taking part-time jobs--Mickey is looking into contract 
eye exams and double color blind tests, while I am selling my hair.  

Expect to see advertisements on the list; we are changing the Administrivia 
to define approved products such as Viagra and joint bank accounts with 
Nigerian subscribers.

If Mickey or I don't reply to your email right away, it is because our ISPs 
have disconnected