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Resending: Call For papers: New Scientific Journal

Dear All, (please do forgive the SECOND cross posting);

I was just informed that some of you got the dreaded and pervasive 
"truncated message notice", so I am trying to send this to all of you once 
more time. Please let me know if you get it this time...... it's rather 
important as I have submission deadlines to adhere to.

It is my pleasure as Senior Co-Editor of The Sedimentary Record to make a 
call for papers. Membership in the society is not required for submission.

FYI - all online contact and submission information should appear 
concurrently with the joint AAPG/SEPM meeting in Salt Lake City, in May. 
You may contact any of the editors directly for information.

Marilyn Wegweiser

Welcome to The Sedimentary Record

This is the inaugural issue of The Sedimentary Record, a new series 
published quarterly in both online and paper format by the SEPM (The 
Society for Sedimentary Geology). The Sedimentary Record contains 
peer-reviewed science articles on topics of broad and current interest to 
the membership of SEPM, as well as shorter, editor-reviewed articles 
addressing a variety of topics, including society business and media 
reviews. We welcome written contributions from members of the Society for 
inclusion in the journal. We also look forward to receiving suggestions 
concerning how The Sedimentary Record should evolve in order to meet its 
dual goals of serving 1, as an outlet for communicating information 
important to the Society; and 2, as a focal point for discussion of current 
topics, and topics pertinent to the future of sedimentary geology.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be submitted to the 
editors in electronic format, and preferably by e-mail. Upon acceptance, it 
is anticipated that papers will be published quickly. Publication will 
include online availability through the SEPM website.

We are proud to be associated with this new publication venue of SEPM, and 
look forward to working with many of you in the membership of the Society 
to bring important, current topics to publication in a rapid manner.

The Editors

Marilyn D. Wegweiser, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, 
Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, Georgia 31061 

Stephen A. Leslie, Department of Earth Science, University of Arkansas at 
Little Rock, Little Rock, Arkansas 72204 <saleslie@ualr.edu>

Loren E. Babcock, Department of Geological Sciences, The Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio 43210 <babcock.5@osu.edu>  

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